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ABB inverter with storage for residential market

ABB inverter with storage for residential market

ABB-React-foto-assieme[01-04-2016]. New PV inverter with storage from ABB (anticipated here). The REACT-4.6-TL  system is available in a base version with 2 kWh of battery storage – with 2 kWh additional modules available for up-grades up to 6 kWh total storage.

The highlighted features are:

– four integrated sockets linked to programmable home loads (e.g. dishwasher, dryer)

– a power back-up socket for off grid use in case of power black out;

– DC and AC Surge Protection Devices (SPD) with fuses integrated in the base version;

– Wi-Fi communication on top of standard RS485 e Modbus ports.

Schema unifilare ABB-React 3.6/4.6

Schema unifilare ABB-React 3.6/4.6

The inverter is an upgraded version of the widely tested ABB “Uno” of 3,6 or 4,6 kWp on the market for a few years, with two MPPT (Max Power Point Tracking) systems.

Compared to similar competing products (SMA Smart Energy at first) the ABB inverter offers up-grading options – an additional 2 kWh is higly advisable to take better advantage of the self-produced energy – integrated wi-fi communication, a wider range of use by composing the base versions of 3,6 and 4,6 into multi-kwatt PV plants. On the other hand, the Li-Io battery technology can not benefit for an extended warranty beyond 10 years, as featured by the new LiFePO4 (litium-Iron-Phosphate) technology found on board of the Sonnenbatterie storage systems, of which we posted a review here.

Product data-sheet available here from the ABB web site.

For a quotation or any other information please contact us here >>

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